About Us

Providing you with the peace of mind you deserve is what initiates the services we offer. Whether it handyman, home maintenance or cleaning – connecting good demand with vetted supply

What matters to us

Customer Service

Our Customers are the essence of our business. We work to satisfy their requirements and anticipate their needs to succeed. They must be assured that our goal is for them to be content.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We maintain a corporate culture that values originality, inventiveness and creativity. We nurture these qualities through openness and reverence to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Team Diversity

We value different people’s experiences and skills, and use them to provide services in the way you want and need.


We are committed to offering a comprehensive portfolio of services to our customers. By encouraging innovation and fostering a problem-solving culture, we work to proactively address the mission-critical needs of our customers.


We do not compromise our values to achieve success. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of business ethics, honesty and fair dealings when serving our valued customers or when working with our irreplaceable partners and vendors.

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